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Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2015

Als Gouverneur der Provinz Buenos Aires hat Scioli gegenüber den Bondholdern der Provinz eher umgänglich gehandelt...

Sunday, October 25, 2015

'Let's have nothing stains the electoral process'

FpV presidential candidate arrives at a school in Tigre to cast his vote as he makes the "V" sign for "Victory," accompanied by his wife Karina Rabolini.
Victory Front (FpV) presidential candidate Daniel Scioli casted his vote as he hoped for “nothing to stain this electoral process.”
Joined by his wife Karina Rabolini, the outgoing governor of the province of Buenos Aires arrived this morning at the Dique Luján School in the locality of Tigre where he voted and addressed media.
“Argentinean people have much matured and will vote according to what they feel,” Scioli said considering the elections a “great democratic day.” “I will make no speculation on the results,” the FpV candidate affirmed adding he will continue working for a “great Argentina.”
“I am governor till December 10, we have ahead all those days to administrate.”
“It is a day of great significance for the country. Personally, when I go over my life I am grateful to God for having this opportunity,” Scioli told reporters minutes before he casted his vote.
“There is so much bad vibe in so many places that I choose a positive colour like orange. I always have a positive view, Argentineans have a lot of faith to go forward,” Daniel Scioli said as he downplayed criticism by opposition rivals during the campaign days.
“I am not grumpy. This is like in Futsal; if you are a goal scorer, you will be kicked,” he said referring to the sport he practices regularly, a variant of professional football that is played indoors in smaller fields.

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